Was this poor one-night stand etiquette?

I met this guy at a public event. We kept checking each other out over the course of an hour. I thought he was really cute, so I asked him to go outside and talk to me. He said he was single, and was thrilled I approached because he said he was too shy. As we started talking, he wasn't really my type and I really don't need a boyfriend in my life at the moment. We went back to my place and had sex.

I called him an uber back to his car. He called me the next day asking for a dinner date, but I apologized and said I wasn't interested in seeing anyone at the moment. He went nutz and sent me a bunch of messages saying how I 'played' him and that I was shitty person for messing with his feelings like that.

I never agreed to date him. There was no "relationship" talk before hand. I assumed that meant it was just a one-night stand. Was I wrong?
Was this poor one-night stand etiquette?
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