Does this mean anything?

Well I’ve had this online bff guy for years now and we so to say claim to like eachother and we get really close and act like we’re dating sometimes but it’s not real dating ya know what i mean? Just really open and close about it. I told him I unintentionally caught feelings for him and he said he likes me the same way but distance is the problem. We just continued with our friendship the way it was. He would get jealous and ask when i post a pic with a male friend and ask if i have a boyfriend and we would just ask eachother around like that sometimes. Usually in the joking matter as not to sound controlling.
So he went to turkey for vacation and he posted a picture with his best mate and in the comments was some new girl model or sth (well not technically a model) but claimed to be somehow.. commenting saying “nice photo”
Then he posted again yesterday and she commented again saying “great pic” and she all of sudden just started commenting stuff... i got upset and got drunk with my friends cuz we were going out that night and just drunk texted him in a silly way we do sometimes and when he gets back to me I’m gonna jokingly ask him if he has a girlfriend...
1 y
Just so u guys know me and him were always open about the fact that we see or go on dates with ither people. But it still upsets me
Does this mean anything?
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