I walked away from a man who won't commit. Did I do the right thing?

Me and A met around 6 weeks ago. We spoke everyday, we had something really passionate and amazing and inevitably I ended up having feelings for him. He told me he's only been single for 6 months and wanted to "find himself" I understood, but then we got feelings for eachother and it turned into something different. Naturally we had a conversation about what to do next to which he replied nothing. He wasn't interested in stopping seeing other girls, or letting me into his life more (like telling me things about him... he goes missing for like a day or two and shuts down if i ask him what he's been up to). I met him the other day and laid it down for him. Told him that its not fair on me to keep seeing him if i feel this way about him. I messaged him afterwards to better explain how i felt as he didn't believe i was actually going to cut contact when i was with him. He didn't reply for two days and then just messaged saying "sorry babe I've been busy" while ignoring the message i sent him. He hasn't messaged me and I haven't replied.
I just dont want to talk to him or be a play thing for him. I walked away. I know I made the right decision but it really hurts because i feel like i wasn't good enough. Even though he says he has feelings for me.

I walked away from a man who won't commit. Did I do the right thing?
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