Signs of a narcissist?

Met a guy who took advantage of me and tore me down. I really had strong feelings for him, but he played against my feelings. I feel used and powerless like he took something from me. I was very angry after I saw his intentions were not true what he said at first. Making these promises and lying to get what he wanted which was sex. I do believe he emotionally abused me too not expressing himself to me and lacking empathy. There were times he shut down when he had a problem. Remember one time, he told me when I tell you to do something you better listen and do what I tell you to do. I found the strength to leave the relationship when I felt something wasn't right. Need a support group for narcissist survivors ❤️ I do not know why I was weak and allowed this, but need my power back because he was truly selfish
1 y
I didn't know he was a narcissist until I started dealing with him !! I am glad I ended it as soon as I did
Signs of a narcissist?
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