How to tell my boyfriend kindly that I think our personalities clash?

My boyfriend and I get along in most ways.
We have a lot of interests in common, we have a lot of the same moral values and want similar things in life as far as status and what kinds of things make us happy...
But there is one MAJOR difference that has been quite taxing on our relationship...
I'm an energetic, go-getter type of person.. I'm outgoing, and I like having projects to work on.
I believe in taking full responsibility as an adult (such as bills, paperwork, appointments, and so on)
But my boyfriend on the other hand... He's quite sloth-like.. he's lazy, hardly takes showers... maybe once a week showers... he never wants to socialize.. only on rare occasion.
he sits in front of his TV on his comfy recliner, playing video games for 16 hours a day.
He avoids going to appointments, taking care of himself, and going anywhere because of his anxiety.
I try to be very, very understanding of this as I have some anxiety myself (however it manifests in different ways)
he's been out of work for almost 3 weeks now on FMLA leave, and he STILL hasn't gotten to the doctor to get his documents signed.. he only has 3 days left to return the paperwork to his company or he'll lose his job!!
He's holding it off because he's "anxious".
He doesn't take me out, doesn't help me with anything... he just.. sits there, in front of his TV playing Xbox.
I'm so sick of it...
what do I do? How can I approach him about this?
How to tell my boyfriend kindly that I think our personalities clash?
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