Confused.. can anyone answer?

we once broke up but got together after a year.. he apologized and I accepted. he is like.. criticising me for whatever I do. he yells at me. i kinda send him surprise gifts to make him happy but in return I only get yelling.. he says he gets annoyed wnever he is talking to me. He don't like to talk about our future. He don't talk to me at least for a 10-15min while I keep waiting for his call. I kinda of feel discouraged and self doubt when he critises me.. he always says tht I can leave him whenever I want to. He also says that he is waiting for that moment when I will walk out of this relationship. it hurts me a lot. but when I stop calling him.. he calls me and say tht he was angry at tht moment and said such words... it happened for 5-6times in last month and once in this week. its been 3days since I talked to him and this time I don't wanna go back to him because I feel insulted all the time.. I feel like something is wrong with my language that annoys him.. I start self-doubting... but I can't control my feelings for him coz I really love him.. I kinda have mixed emotions ryt now..
What do you think? should I call or text him? is yellings common in every relationship? am I expecting too much from him?
Confused.. can anyone answer?
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