Would you get mad to a friend because he/she did not put out when you wanted?

Is that reason enough to get mad and stop talking to the friend or that is just stupid and immature? And that person is just a douche!!

One reason your friend got bothered was because the friend believed he/she was dragging along the issue for quite some time to have sex so he/she was getting a bit impatient and started to loose interest in the friend. I mean the friend wanted to have a dinner/sex date with the friend one day 3 months ago but for an outside circumstances, the friend could not meet with him/her, so he/she told him/her by text the reason they could not meet the day He wanted to meet with her, so the friend did not take it very well, so he/she thought "Ohh you are dragging the issue from long time and you have this fear, so we better leave it like that and we will talk someday".

The friend change towards his/her friend and that was 2 months and a half ago when he/she suggested her/him the date, but since nothing happened and they never met, the friend posible lost interest in going out with his/her friend afterwards even if thre was not going to be any intimacy. The friend believes his/her friend up to this moment is still bothered and maybe even dissapointed he/she could not get laid 2 months ago the reason for the friend not responding to his/her texts anymoe, even after 2 months. For me that is too childish especially when they are both middle age people. They known each other for 3 years

Before this proposition they treated each other nicely, text from time to time to talk about different things and they even went out to dinner dates only 2 times and enjoyed the dates (never intimacy though in those 2 times) but now one of the Friends made the proposition and since one of them could not put out the friend got all bothered (they had never had sex before between them, this was going ot be their first time).
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As if they could not meet again in a few weeks or this year and finally have sex right? Why the friend wanted to do it in his/her time and when he/she wanted? What was the RUSH? That makes this friend change to his/her friend? I dont understand or is ti a male/female ego thing?
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I dont see an excuse for 2 Friends to stop talking to each other just becaue one did not put out when the friend WANTED on his/her time and th other simply could not meet. They could get laid other time, WHy is such a big deal!!
Would you get mad to a friend because he/she did not put out when you wanted?
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