Do men have the rights to complain?

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My friend, who is married for five years, told me her husband was cheating on her. I'm not sure if the affair is still going up to this day, but this was what she said.

"We're married for five years, with two kids. I didn't want kids soon after marriage, but he's so adamant on proving to his friends that he's not 'infertile' that he went bareback a couple of times even when I said no. Long story short, one kid isn't enough for him, so we had two. The sex life, as you always said, is barely there since I'm the only one managing the household while he's the breadwinner of the family. I'm not trying to argue he's not tired after a long day of work, but hey, at least he got his friends. He goes outside. Me? I'm busy wiping my kids' diapers and if they're sick, I'm the one having to handle everything because he's always so fucking busy.

One day, I caught him cheating on me. If you think he tried his hardest to deny it, you're damn wrong. He admitted it. Openly. With a smug on his face. And when I asked why, he got the nerve to say I'm not the woman he fell in love and married to. He even went as far as to say I'm no longer 'tight'.

I feel so pissed off that that I slapped him and took the kids out of the house and goes back to my parents."

Do man have the right to complain that his woman no longer 'tight' after she gave birth to HIS children? Do man have the right to complain about woman being out of shape when he just unloaded all the house affairs on his woman's shoulder with no help to provide?

My take on this is, if you can't take care of the kids, don't make them. Or at least, use the damn protection.

Also, I'm not feminist. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day
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The last three paragraphs were mine. I forgot to put " at the end of the story.
Do men have the rights to complain?
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