Why do I always fall for the wrong guy?

taken, gay, too young, player, etc..

i realize this is somewhat rhetorical but just needed to vent...


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  • Although not speaking to you directly, the reason this is from girls I've spoken to, those I've heard talk in therapy about how their boyfriends beat them up yet they stay with them, and WHY they fell for him in the first place is...that sometimes "wrong" guys have qualities women love the most, such as confidence, bravery, financial stability, ambition, good looks, etc. But such qualities can also harden a man emotionally, or curb him into a "bad boy", since these are also successful hunter qualities. And the reasons some girls won't date good looking guys is because he won't stay with you when he's got five other girls on the waiting list. To a point, this is true. But so is the reverse.

    • haha I've never dated before cause all the guys I fall for are wrong... :P

  • Maybe you should give shy guys a try? They are usually pretty deep, statistically they are usually not gay, and they love a beautiful woman making the first move.


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