Does my close friend have a crush on me?

So, my friend started shipping me and my other, she made us an awful ship name and everything. She says he acts like he likes me, (in that way) but I honestly don't see it.

Sure we do argue, he calls me small and makes fun of my voice and I get annoyed but I'm not gonna lie it is fun.

He likes to empathise my short height and light weight, and can just be really annoying at times. Like he threw a bucket of water on me when we were washing cars, kept on pushing my chair backwards and then commenting on how light I was last week, makes fun of my favourite character who died in a movie, and says how awful the character was just to annoy me.

But he can be caring towards me at times, like when I was messing about with another friend of mine and we were play fighting, he thought we were seriously fighting and was apparently really worried for me and shaking, he helped me up after and then felt stupid when I told him it was a joke. And when I almost stumbled and things he asks me if I'm okay even though it wasn't a massive deal. And even today in class we were fighting over a pen holder (don't ask why) and I grabbed it but he pulled me and I almost fell off my chair and he got really worried again. Then when it turned out I was okay he said: "That just proves how light you are."

Even today we were on a school trip, and he took a load of pictures of me. One's where I look really ugly XD. And he told me he was going to keep them, then when I asked him to send me them when I got home (through text) he texted me saying that he's not going to send me them, we then had a middle finger spam fight, and I asked him again sent him an angry emoji and he told me he wouldn't send me them with that attitude, but he gave in and sent me them after I called him a creep and a weirdo. Turns out he took 16 of them, and he still says he's gonna keep every single one.

And now my friend ships us even more.
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Does my close friend have a crush on me?
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