Should I keep talking to him?

I liked a guy for a while and thought the feeling was mutual. He kissed me one night when we were hanging out, and one thing led to another... but he never told me how he actually felt. He actually suddenly started putting more space between us and I got the vibe that he was trying to ignore me so I tried to respect that and stop talking to him.

Then suddenly like a month later he’s messaging me frequently again and asking to come and sleep over. Long story short, I asked him about his feelings, and he said he does like me but that he thinks our goals and lifestyles don’t align so he doesn’t see us working out. I told him that it’s not like we’re getting married and he agreed. But then he said there’s two types of people in the world and they’re either boosters or anchors, and that I’m an anchor to him. I said I’d rather he just clearly reject me instead of saying stuff like this, but he insists that he does like me. I’m just so sad and unsure of what to do now... This situation reminds me of the movie “Lala Land“ :( he said he needs to stay on his path and work towards his goals... should I leave him alone? Even if we really do like each other? I get the vibe that maybe he doesn’t wanna lose his booty call... but I also know that he really is a nice guy who makes me laugh and has also been one of my close friends for a while. I probably sound stupid but I would like to get some advice. Thank you!
Should I keep talking to him?
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