Guys, is jealousy a turn off or a sign she gives a shit?

Me and the guy I'm talking to are taking things pretty slow. We see each other about once or twice a week. He's taken me on dates, we cook together, we talk about EVERYTHING, have some amazing sex, he cuddles with me when we fall asleep and he always comes up behind me and hugs me, kisses my neck and my hair... just last night he let me put a face mask on him and we had facials together (he'd kill me if anyone knew that). We're extremely comfortable with each other and he told me I never have to feel like I'm walking on eggshells with him and that I can tell him/ask him anything that's on my mind.

I feel like because I'm developing a lot of serious feelings for him though I'm getting jealous over other girls. For example, I KNOW IT'S JUST FACEBOOK... BUT... there's this girl who literally "loves" everything he posts, always comments about how cute he looks and just yesterday someone tagged her in the comments on one of his posts and she was like "Yeah I saw this, made my day!! <3" and he "liked" her comment. He doesn't know I know any of this but it's bothering me.

Is it a turn off for me to ask him about this or is it something that proves that I care about him? I mean, obviously I know jealousy isn't a cute thing but some reassurance that I'm the only person he's dating would be great! What do I do?
Guys, is jealousy a turn off or a sign she gives a shit?
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