Does he like me or is he just friendly?

So I think this guy in my class, Abel, likes me though I kind of doubt it.

From what I experienced, he'll look in my direction and smile even when I'm alone.

That one time when the whole class had to stand and the teacher was scolding a kid for disrespecting him, I burped and quickly covered my mouth. His friend who was sitting beside Abel heard and noticed it and imitated the way I covered my mouth and giggled after showing it to Abel. Fast forward to when during group work, the group leaders had to stand up to represent the group. I was the first one out of everyone to stand up. He looked at me and discussed with his group and stood up while smiling with his teeth showing.

When me and another kid was the only ones standing, he only looked at me.

Recently, we had a maths quiz. The kid who sat infront of me wasn't present so it was only him (sitting in front of the kid who wasn't present), me and his best friend (sitting right behind me). The teacher told the people sitting in front to pass the paper down the rows. He looked at me and stood up, holding the papers. When he was at my table, he looked back at his best friend, smiling big and said "I'll beat you up, I swear" while giggling a little. I looked at his best friend and his face was a slow transition of laughing to normal.

When I sort of bumped into him and fell back on to someone's belly, he was breathing a little heavily. I saw him imitating what I did to his friends and his friends smiled and nudged him.

Come to English, he was giving out our papers. When it came to my paper, he ran towards my table and put my paper on my table but he made it seem as if someone pushed him to my table, almost crumpling my paper.

When it is Biology, he had the chance to sit with his friends, but chose to sit at the same table as me and my friend.

From what I noticed, whenever I'm around him and his friends, they'd smile and nudge him while saying something.

Does he like me or is it just friendly signs?
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Does he like me or is he just friendly?
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