Am I a type of "-ist"?

RACIST: I am not sexually attracted to any race besides my own.
(They can look good don't get me wrong. But I'm not sexually attracted to them. I'm just not.)

TRANSIST: I do not think you can change your biologcal sex.
(If you are a man and think you are a lady I will not treat you like a lady. And vise versa. I cannot justify doing that. But I will still be nice of course.)

SEXIST: I can't make girl friends.
(Seriously I can't be friends with girls. I have never been able to. Its weird I just am not comfortable being close to them unless it is romantic or family based. I only have three friends anyhow so maybe I'm just not friendly. But girls specifically I've never been able to be friends with. I'm not sure why.)

So is this normal guy behavior? Am I some kind of "-ist" or normal do you think? Or just weird in a different way (please explain)?
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Am I a type of "-ist"?
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