Did I read his body language wrong or is he attracted to me?

I was staying at a hotel and overstayed my checkout time. They have an hourly charge for overstays. I overstayed by 2hrs 20 minutes.

Not sure if guy at the reception was trying to flirt with me but he explained their overstay policy to me and when I asked about the charge asking if he’s gonna charge just 2. He looked hard at my face for a few seconds before he said he’d waive the first hour and charge only the 2nd. I was actually expecting him to charge me 3 since I believe 2h20mins would be rounded up to 3 hours and not rounded down. He was exceptionally nice too. I asked to use the luggage storage service and he was like sure and did all the work for me. I was about to leave after making payment when he called me back and said I should take my receipt for that hourly overstay (most people would ask if you'd like the receipt). Either way, I later noticed he didn't ask for my signature when the invoice clearly required one.

I was about to leave the premise again, (my back was to him), he called out we’ll see you later. I turned around and he was taking my stuff towards the opposite direction while still looking at me, It all just felt quite unnecessary and if I didn't find him attractive, I think I'd probably have found it really weird.
Yes, his actions were beyond friendly and show that he is attracted to you
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Did I read his body language wrong or is he attracted to me?
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