What does he want?

Seeing a guy on and off for 4 years. We met online and clicked. I wasn’t looking for anything serious at first and I don’t think he was either. He’s younger than me by 8 years and I’m more advanced in my career. He has no career and had some setbacks in life.

When we started to get close I mistakenly tried to push him into a career, financial and future goals. He stopped having sex with me and became cold so I stopped realizing this was a selfish thing for me to do.

I thought he was using me because i was more stable than him so I let him go. He kept coming back over the years. First as a friend. Then sexually. Then it felt like he needed me and I felt like a mother figure and that turned me off so I kept finding reasons to leave. He’s no saint. He’s dismissive of feelings and can barely take care of himself.

I've made it clear I don’t take care of men, you have to be able to stand on your own two. He tried to talk me into a three some and a relationship all in the same night and I cut him off. Blocked him. 6 months later he contacted me from another number and I almost fell for it. But I told him no. A month after that I contacted him because he kept popping in my mind. We always had chemistry so we became close again.

He has a home that his family left him but stays at my house every night. He doesn’t want to have sex and after a month I am fed up.

I had to go out of town and needed him to feed my cat and drive me to the airport. He said ok. Then called me but I had fallen asleep. I woke up at the time I was supposed to so I could leave and saw the texts and missed calls. He texted me and said he thought I was bs-ing so he went home. Now I’m stranded. He won’t answer or come by. I hate that I care about him and I need to get away. Did he ever care about me? How could you sleep in the same bed and run back to a person who you don’t care about? I want to treat him as if he died and never talk to him again but I’m afraid I will let him back in.
What does he want?
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