Is he really interested in me?

So I am talking to this boy who I spoke to 3 times before, where he says he wants something to happen but then ends it by ignoring me. However, a few days ago he came back and I wasn’t going to give him a 4th chance but he said he realises he’s “gravitating back to me all the time and that I’m always there for him unlike everybody else. So I gave him his chance but said there was no trust between us,
he had to earn it. Anyways he said he would and to do it he had to meet up with me cause all the times before he cancelled every time. So he had a surprise for me at the end of July. But today he said it will be at beginning of August as he forgot the date!!! Then on FaceTime he asked if when he went round town he could take pics with girls. He said he would be sensible and not do owt with them or out his arm round them etc. So I said yes, cause what could I say were not together yet☹️! He went round town and has taken pics with 2 girls both without his arm round them but their arm round him! I’m paranoid cause I still like him. And now he has just left me on read when he’s online and I’m starting to think he’s not interested anymore😬! Especially when the first few days he couldn’t stop texting me and now I have to put the effort in!

From a guys point of view ( and girls you can support!) is this normal behaviour for someone interested in a person or is he jsut using me again?
Is he really interested in me?
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