My boyfriend is ignoring my text because I think he has a friend over?

We’ve never really been much of texters him and I, except for the beginning of our relationship. That has died down big time, we mostly text just to make plans and see how each other’s day went.

Today was different tho, we were talking and then I mentioned that I would be going out with a few friends, he said to have fun and that he loves me. That was about 5 hours ago, I texted him back on Snapchat to just say that I’ll text him later (doesn’t really warrant a response but he usually does anyways which I find sweet)

anyways, he’s since not even been active on Snapchat (the app we mainly use to text) but he’s been active on other platforms. I think he might have his best friend over, although I wasn’t informed of this, i suspect it because my boyfriend usually gets like this when he has a friend over. He just started doing this recently, ignoring my texts when he has company or anything but is still on his phone from what I can tell.

He uses his phone sometimes when he’s with me to look at funny pictures but he’s starting to use it more when with me. I know how he is, he’s not really attached to his phone and I don’t think he ever has been so this is pretty much normal but it still worries me.

what do I say when he texts back? I will not mention this, I just want to seem happy and glad that we are both talking. I’m not a nagging girlfriend and I wouldn’t give him crap for this, I’m very understanding.
My boyfriend is ignoring my text because I think he has a friend over?
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