Shy guy likes me but is scared to approach me?

This has been happening for months where he will see me; stare and then he would quickly turn away when his caught. His friends encourage him to talk to me, I've overheard them say "Go talk to her" or "Come on!" and his walked over and then turned back around to pretend to be busy on his phone. I have spoken to him once before; it was a general question to break the ice and after that he hasn't done much to converse with me. I can't catch his eye to smile at him because his too nervous to look at me, he looks away or looks down a lot smiling after looking at me.

I know he likes me; I just don't know how to go about talking to him? His friends caught on that I go the same time as him so I can see him so I thought perhaps if I spoke to his friends he would ease up abit as his comfortable in his own environment. I don't know what do I do?
Shy guy likes me but is scared to approach me?
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