If he doesn't have to "move on" from you then he probably didn't love you?

I was reading an article on how to move on when you still love your ex and it just didn't match up to my ex. The article explained that in succession to a failed relationship, both people may feel that they were wronged. They will feel angry and betrayed because, as the article quotes: "nothing hurts more than when someone you love does something that causes you to reevaluate who you believed them to be." I have picked this information apart in my mind trying to put it all in perspective. I wasn't perfect, but I dont believe I hurt him or did anything to betray him. I have only ever acted in defense to him doing things that hurt me. I never cheated, I never lied, I only yelled at him once (when I caught him telling his ex he missed her), I never called him names... the worst thing I could have possibly done is not trust him and that was a direct result of his own actions. I didn't come into the relationship with baggage or insecurities. The trust issues were created from months of dealing with lying, feeling used, sleeping with other girls while we were broken up but still sleeping with me, not wanting to be with me in a commited relationship, etc.

I thought about all this because he said he loved me so many times and he has hurt me, but when I would look into his eyes and hear the way he said it I believed him. The last time I talked to him I was apologizing (or trying to apologize) for breaking up with him over text but he wasn't listening to me he may have been mad. I broke up with him the day before and tried to apologize because I felt guilly about not trusting him. It may have been wrong, and if it was I would accept responsibility for that. But he hadn't talked to me for 2 weeks after having asked me to give him a second chance to "change" because he "loved" me. He hadn't even gone a full month on that promise and 2 weeks in he wouldn't even answer my calls or text me back. Anyway, he just stopped talking to me after that. Despite everything I sincerely loved him.
If he doesn't have to "move on" from you then he probably didn't love you?
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