Was I clear that I want a relationship or not be friends at all?

This was the last text I sent him after he asked to be friends a week after our break up. I have cut off all contact for a month (also deleted him as a friend on fb). If you received this message, and after a few months realized that you wanted to come back (he broke up w me), would you initiate contact?


I think I was clear that we will not be friends. To ask to meet you was to apologize. My mother taught me that, under all circumstances, you treat people with grace and dignity. I was in love with you and you deserved to be treated as such.

I am glad I was, at least, able to convey what I was feeling to you through text. Thank you for your response.

Trust me, you do not need another ex-girlfriend as a friend, you have one already and many female friends.

Just know we both have supportive individuals in our lives. You have your wonderful family and your mother who will keep you busy & look out for your best interests and happiness. I, on the other hand, have my great family, friends, and University Post Doc mentor who unselfishly provides endless guidance & support and now resides close to me in the Square. Don’t even get me started on his dog, Styles!

My point is you made a decision. Now, let me respect it, heal and move on without you. Please, if you have no intention of being in a relationship with me, let me fall out of love with you.

I accidentally into him a week after I sent him this message. He stopped to say hi and my name and seemed nervous/anxious/like he wanted to talk but was unsure how I would receive him. I just smiled and kept walking. Haven’t spoken to him or seen him since.
Was I clear that I want a relationship or not be friends at all?
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