Regretting the break-up?

If your a guy who regrets breaking up with a girl, will you wait for her to come back to you because she is still hurt or will you try your best to win her back?

If you want her back, do you usually give her some space first?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • well, after my man broke up with me, he called a few days later, asking me something totally stupid. then, he said he hoped we can still be "friends." I said cool. no problem. then, a couple od days later after our alleged friendship, he grabbed me real close and said, :i don't wanna be your friend no more." during this friend process, he was already telling me that he felt stupid for doing and things like that.

    All in all, if a guy wants you back, they'll find any kind of reason to call you and any kind of way to stay in your life. wait until he calls you. don't try to win him back. guys hate desperate, whiny women.

    I guess I got my guy back by acting like it didn't bother me. when we had conversations, I acted like we had never met or we were just close friends. I don't know what they think when you do this, but it definitely makes them want you back and my relationship is better than ever.

    • Oh. How long ago did you guys get back together? My ex and I have been broken up for over 2 months now and we have only spoken about 3 times.

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    • How do you think I should go about it all though? When he said he would be in touch about getting his stuff back, that was about 3 weeks ago now and he said he is definitely interested in getting his stuff back. Why do you think he has put that off for so long? He still has a couple of my things as well.

    • I think he has put it off for so long, because he figures once he gets his things, you all definitely won't be speaking anymore. I think you should contact him regarding your things and when you see him in person to collect your things, tell him there's no hard feelings and that you hope that you and him can still be friends and you would like to still chill with him on a friendship basis if he's comfortable with that. that's exactly what I said and us being around each other worked.

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What Guys Said 1

  • If a guy truly regrets breaking up with a girl, he would let her know. Now, not all guys are the same and won't act the same way. But if he truly realizes he made a mistake and wants her back in his life he would go back after her. I know that's what I would do. If he's not willing to try then he is no longer interested.


What Girls Said 2

  • hunny. I've been through that already you kno wt my d*** head with too much ego boyfriend did? he called me after a month of not talking or seeing me to test the water and he realized that I was still madly inlove with him so he started sending me signs to let me kno he still wants me he was a smart asshole he turned everything around and made me beg him 2 come back I humilated myself because I knew he wanted me but I thought that he got some ego problems...I regret that :(

  • I will try to win her back as soon as possible.

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