I'm 18, and I've never had a boyfriend. Can someone explain why?!

Well, I'm 18, and I've never had a boyfriend. There have only been four guys that I've ever even liked, the most recent this past summer. We met through a friend, and I fell for him pretty fast and hard(which I'm usually more careful). We went on a few dates, kissed a lot (he was my first kiss too), yada yada. The first few weeks he was texting/calling me all the time and it was great! Then he started to less and less. He lived in Jersey and came and visited me on weekends( I live in PA) I had a feeling he lost interest, but whenever I tried to text him he'd barley respond if at all. Two weeks later he came to my house to visit me and I told him I was pissed about how he ignored me, but because I'm a stupid girl we ended up just being all cutesy again! He acted like he hadn't even ignored me. The next day my friend came up to me and told me he had tried to basically get with her sister and told her that "there wasn't anything going on between us" SO I sent him a text message saying "Screw you, thanks for playing me, don't talk to me"..blah blah blah

So here's why I'm upset. I was completely honest with the kid. Once he started to sound serious about me, I told him how I was. He knew on our first date that I was a Christian, meaning no sex until marriage, that Id never had a boyfriend,so I wasn't exactly experienced, that Id never been kissed...etc. And he seemed fine with it. I made it clear in a respectful way that if he expected sex, it was going to happen, and if he didn't want to be with me because of it, then we should end it sooner than later. What I don't get is, if he knew he wasn't going to get anything out of me, why did he still bother dating me then screwing me over weeks later? It really hurt, because I thought he accepted me with my standards, so I felt I could get more emotionally involved with him...I just don't get what he was looking for or what he was thinking. It still bothers me to this day and its been months. I feel stupid, rejected, disrespected..etc. So this is more toward guys, but have you ever done something like this to a girl? If so, why did you do it? I kind of just want to know if I did something wrong or if he ever even cared about me...which I'm aware you can't answer...Regardless, Id like some other perspectives than my own. Thanks=)
I'm 18, and I've never had a boyfriend. Can someone explain why?!
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