Do guys like or want girls to ask them out?

OK I am not a feminist or anything and I know that this question has been asked a lot. I have asked out a lot of guys in my life and some have been a yes but most have been no.

I know there is a fear of rejection and it does make me feel down

Do guys ever fear rejection?


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  • Sis it like this most guys lack confidence that's why they fear asking girls out cause they fear rejection like you toothache why according to me a girl asking me out is better than me asking her out cause girls are more intelligent than boys in most cases GUYS ALSO FEAR REJECTION.


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  • For me it's one of the worst things that I can imagine and in some cases it's prevented me from walking up to a girl that I really liked and wanted to ask out. Only to find out 1/2 a year later that she was just waiting for me to ask her out.

    Or maybe even worse when I really like a girl and a gather the courage to do something about it the anxiety makes me screw things up so that even if she likes me everything falls apart and I make a complete ass of my self. Of course never get the girl or maybe having to wait some time before I could try again. Then it gets worse. ;-)

    So if a girl just gives me a hint that she might be into me or that I could make a move it makes things a whole lot easier on my part. Also I get more confident and everything is smooth sailing from then on.

    So yeha in case I'm really afraid of rejection.

    • but if a girl asked you on a date , to get to know each other better would you say yes?

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    • well if a guy asks me out on a date and I hardly know this guy, il probably say yes. OK I know you might find this a bit freaky but I have asked out guys that have liked me and maybe I hadn't known much about because you find out more about people when you talk them like a date to the coffee shop and if it didn't go well it is most likely a mutual thing

    • I don't find it freaky at all. I actually find it really cool.

      But at the same time that's just the same problem. If a girl asks a guy out should the guy think that she likes him or not. :-)

      Now if the guy asks out a girl and she says yes she must be interested. It's a paradox. :-)

  • Hell yeah! I would love it if a girl asked me out. And of course guys fear rejection. What else do you think it is that holds them back from approaching and asking out beautiful women?

  • if I'm attracted to her yes

    the better looking girls are more shy or expect you to ask them out/make the first move. it's the guys who are traditionally supposed to make all the moves after all. but I've noticed that less attractive girls have been more forward with me.

    i would say if you want to ask a guy out, do it subtly, it's more lady-like. and don't be annoying


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