What does it mean when a guy tells a girl "keep in touch"?

does it mean he doesn't really care about me?


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  • Hahah you're funny. No it doesn't mean that! It means exactly what it says.

    If he didn't have any intentions of caring about you, he wouldn't have said that.

    It means he would like to hear from you soon

    But really you need to read the way he put it out. He could be just playing you. That sounds like either a guy who's a player or a nice guy. Put your guard up and make sure he's not playing you

    • thank u, you're right. but what are some key hints he is playing me? he's hot and cold already...sometimes he's really sweet and nice to me, says hi and talks and even seems nervous and shy, but other times when I text him he will say one word answers and brush things off, and walk by putting his head down avoiding me...i even asked him to hang out he said may be...hes busy

    • Yea the hot and cold act is not good when you're trying to read someone. That doesn't help any. When he says he's busy does he mean " Oh well I'm busy then." or does he put it as this " Oh I'm busy then, but how about Saturday night?" The last choice would have been a definate yes he's into you. But it sounds like he didn't try to reschedule a date with you. So that is a sign you need to watch out for. But he's acting shy around you? Maybe he's just trying to play it cool to get you.

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  • Could either mean he doesn't care or he's playing it up like he doesn't care. He might be trying to see if you will chase after him.

    • yea he is hot and cold... :/ how should I act after this? should I ignore him?

    • No, don't ignore him. Actually keep in touch, but without being clingy. He wants you to show that you're interested in him. So send him an email for example, saying, "Hey, how's it going?" and that's enough. But don't ignore him, because then he'll think you don't like him, and he probably won't make any moves.

    • This is a good suggestion above. Email and ask him what he's up to. Leave it at that and let him respond. Right there you will turn the tables and he will have to make the next move.

  • Keep in contact. That's it.

    • i doubt it...doesn't that translate into I don't really care to see u...? plus if he liked me he would continue talking no?

    • Doesnt translate into anything but what it says when I say it.

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  • He's not that into you :)

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