Is my friends with benefits catching feelings?

We have been on and off friends with benefits the last year. I stopped hanging out with him once i started dating an actual guy who was serious. Once he heard about it he came back into my life and wanted to take me out to do fun things.

Last night we had the most amazing sex ever. We got out chocolate syrup and licked it off of each others bodies for a few hours then having very passionate sex. He didn't want me to leave and asked me to stay and cuddle. I told him I needed to go home. We discussed next time to spend the whole night cuddling. Do friends with benefits cuddle like that?

We spent the majority of the night talking about his kids and life in general etc. He also seemed jealous about a guy who waa texting me. Is he catching real feelings for me?


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  • Obvious. He's jealous that you have other guys.

    While jealousy is a negative trait, it does show positively he has attachment and the desire to own you.

    These are feeligs.

  • Yup he caught them! If you wanna pursue things with them then go for it :)

    Can you answer mine please, it’s on my page it’s the most recent.

    • What part makes you think he is catching feelings?

      Ill answer yours now.

    • He wants to cuddle talking about kids, talking about life... if I were in friends with benefits I wouldn’t care about that stuff

  • Yes he is. Its obvious

    • What part makes it obvious? Im in disbelief

    • Nothing particular, just everything alltogether.
      Im not saying he is in love with you, but he likes you enough to get jealous of other men.

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