Guys, What should I do?

What does it mean if the boy I'm instrested in has a girlfriend but doesn't want to talk about her to me and he keeps flirting with me? Should continue to talk to him? I still want to be friends.
Should I call him?


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  • That means he's cocky. You don't need that type, believe me.

    • No you shouldn't call him at least until you're sure he's single/broken up with his girlfriend. Unless you're a happy crab farm.

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    • My friends always says he's into me and he's talks to me about everything excepts his supposed girlfriend. So i just wanna know if there's a chance of us being more than friends? Or should I keep the mindset of us only being friends.

    • You think you need him but actually you don't. As from the story you've told, he's just a cocky guy with an empty wallet.

  • Mmm be careful I mean go for it but don’t go in with expectations you know?

    Can you answer mine please, it’s on my page it’s the most recent.


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