How to apologize for not being polite?

Look, there's a guy... I really like him
Something happened and he needed my help
As a joke I told him you're using me
I really didn't mean it
He's really upset and hasn't believed that I didn't mean it...
What should I do?
*I really like him


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  • He's pissed about that? What a bitch.

    • I really told him something that he's not :( I think I've hurt his pride

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    • You should not hide and do the immature ignore him completely. Just say hi like nothing happened. That way you don't come off as further contributing to the matter. He knows you have apologized, he's just being a pussy about it. If he ignores you give him a week to cool off. If he still won't talk to you after that? fuck him!

    • Thanks ☹️

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