Am I depressed or just an attention-seeking, self-loathing, narcissistic cry baby who should just end it all?

I wish I wasn't like this.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh sure because random strangers on the internet can tell you that? You're probably just depressed. So seek help. It's really not fucking rocket science.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have know idea who you are I’ve never meat you and couldn’t tell what you are. That being said killing yourself is a bad idea you may think know one liked you but friends and family will be deDevastated if you killed yourself so that’s not a good option, the idea that you don’t matter if ridiculous you matter to somebody that’s a colleague family or friends or someone you see at McDonalds every day. Your problem depressed which betterhelp. com is a good place to go I know a few people who have used it and it helps. Wish I knew about before I payed a psychologist

    • Their lives still go on

    • Sure there lives go on with out you. But think of the pain they have to go through thinking you could have lived for so much more, think of all the rest of the great Cenex in the world Shall I quote the raven never more?

      The way to deal with depression I found was to go to nature smoke some weed by a lake or stand in the middle of a river or climb to the highest spot I could get to. ( to bad I forgot my lighter when I did that) If humanity has failed you let nature take you, stop caring about what people think, it what you think that matters you have a voice in this world like tessila who know you could do great thing you never will know if you don’t trust your self. If you don’t trust you self climb and see whether your not you want to fall to your death or make it back to your car. That’s when you know you can trust yourself.

      Don’t let people thoughts about you define who you are, you are who you embrace it the only one who need to live with you tell death is your own hand

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What Girls Said 1

  • You're depressed.

    • Why am I like this? I just want it to stop

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    • I'm afraid of being happy

    • I use to be as well, but its apart of growing up and being independent with who you're.

What Guys Said 1

  • Considering suicide makes you sound pretty depressed...


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