Why won’t he hook up with me?

I invited a guy over to hang out tonight. He left what he was doing to come over to my place. I told him my roommates wouldn’t be here so I said just come here. he came over and we sat and talked for over an hour. It was around 1 am and he said he had to go home because he was tired. We had good conversation and it flowed pretty well. I invited him over because I wanted to have sex with him. My roommates came home and were being loud and interrupting and I said can we just go to your place which is a 2 min walk from where I live. He said he was just gonna go home and sleep and I said “really why do you think i invited you over” and he said “why do you think i came” i rolled my eyes and he said “did you really just roll your eyes at me, I’ll be back here you’re really horny” and we said goodbye. Why didn’t he want to have sex? Was he not attracted to me? Or was he really just tired? Or did I scare him off?


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  • I think that's bcoz he was tired.. Did you try seducing him?
    If you are calling him for sex then you should try to seduce him or try to talk hot to make your intentions more clear.

    I think he was not in a mood of sex. He was just tired


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  • Maybe he actually likes you and didn’t want to just have sex and then you kind of freak out at him. Maybe be more upfront and tell him your into just friends with benefits, that’s the vibe your giving off


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