What is this guy doing with his facebook?

I have a crush on this guy. I went to friend on facebook and saw my mortal enemy on the first page where they show a few friends. It got back to him I went to his facebook but the part about friending him did not. I did go back to his facebook. He has 3. One from when he was young, one when he was engaged and one he opened after the enagagement fell through. He took down all his pics of him on 2 of the facebooks including his profile pic. His friends on the first page are there. The regular friends list is hidden. The third facebook is completely open with pics of him. Why didn't he close that if he thinks i'm looking at his pics. He won't look at me except when he saw me talking to another guy. I ask a friend to tell him i wanted to talk to him but he didn't come. He just looks angry and isn't his usual self. I don't know what to do. It seems stupid and trivial.


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  • I don’t 100% know the story or relationship between you and this guy. But it seems like you care about him, and if he’s acting weird then maybe he needs some support. Think about messaging him something supportive and sincere. But if he just had an engagement fall through, make it seem like you are just a friend who wants to make sure he is ok. He may not want any romantic feelings right now, try to think of what’s best for him.

    If he isn’t responsive than that means he probably wants his space. Men usually like more distance when in a tough spot. He might just need time.
    Good luck!


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