He stares at me often and has a long-term girlfriend?

So this story between me and this guy is sort of confusing. We started talking about 2 years ago, we flirted a lot and it took us too long to realize that we both liked each other. After we both stopped talking to each other (after a year of flirting that was exhausting) he got a girlfriend and has been dating her for 9 months. I have no problem with the relationship at all, I am kind of glad he's dating cause he was really confusing when we were flirting and it kinda made me feel horrible sometimes. Recently I saw him again and he was with his girlfriend, I was trying to not look over but, the one time I did I caught him staring at me and when I caught him it took him a while to look away. I've seen him 4 times since then and everytime the same thing happens? The most recent time I saw him, his girlfriend left and he talked to me but I cut the conversation short because he was flirting again.

I'm not planning at all to try and take him away from his girlfriend, I don't even think I want to date him anymore. What I want to know is why is he staring at me all the time and why is he talking to me again?


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  • May be he's just physically attracted to you. That's one main reason guys stare.
    These are sexual interactions taking place. Especially when girls wear revealing clothes. Guys get the "priviledge" to loook at girls wearing revealing clothes. They enjoy it in a sexual way. They feel aroused by that kind of clothing.

    It can be either bcoz you're too good looking or you're wearing some attention grabbing clothes.

    If that's not the case, then he's got problems. Then he's doing intentionally. He's trying to cheat on his current girlfriend.

    I can understand that you're not trying to take him away from his girlfriend.

    What you can do?
    Avoid. Dont talk with him like a friend. Just dont.
    And try to get attached with hus girlfriend of socual media. Tell her about hisflirting. At least, you can give her hints.

    • I have been avoiding him so far, I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk to his girlfriend because she glares at me a lot. I’m also not one to wear revealing clothes.

    • I meant, on social media. You can talk with her on social media. Can't you?

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