Guys , what's on his mind?

'his ex girlfriend was a virgin. and he was the first guy who had sex with.
after 2years, they broke up cuz she cheated on him and immediately got married other guy.
i accidentally read his email.
ex bitch wanted him to see her. she wrote..." i gave my virginity to you.. i still love you"
he doesn't know that i read his mail.. what is on his mind? what does "having sex with VIRGIN' mean for guys?


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  • We always love our first love. We can never forget the person we has sex with for the very first time.
    That's the reason she has special feelings for him.

  • Not much tbh.
    You 'accidentally' read his email? I'm not buying that at all. Why haven't you told him about reading the email? Sounds like you don't trust him already, so you are not going to last if that remains unchanged.


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  • I would assume that she has that kinda of thought, first love is the best. As in the first person you fall in love with remains in your heart no matter what. Maybe he doesn't have the same thought as her. Talk to him

  • As a guy I've wondered the same thing? Never had sex with a virgin before, pretty sure they don't inhabit this part of oregon.. lol


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