Guys, he is leaving today?

i work nights and I was saying goodbye to everyone
and I saw him and he came over and hugged me around the waist he pulled me in
it lasted a good minute
he rested his head on my chest
i don't really want him to leave.
I was walking to work the other aeek and we were joking looking at each other then we hugged he winked at me when I was leaving his last day is Sunday:(
i told him he better give me a hug before he leaves...
i finished my night shift and saw him walking we gave each other a hug
when he walked away he said talk on Facebook chat


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  • Is there a question here? I don't even get who is leaving? You? Him? Leaving what? The job? Town? Country? Earth?
    And how does he rest his head on your chest? Is he in the circus or something?


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