I was sent to work in another branch of my company’s restaurant where I got to know one waiter. He didn’t talk to me much in the beginning but later?

We started talking a lot and he said I’m smart and he was laughing at the funny things I was saying. And he told me some personal things... he ordered me something to eat and when everyone was leaving, he asked if I didn’t mind staying a bit longer to help him out setting up the restaurant. And he asked if he called my manager, would I come to work the next day as well. I said yes but they wouldn’t let me go there again. And he called as he said but my manager said no. He gave me a fizzy drink before I left even though I said I was fine. And he didn’t do it to other people. Yesterday my manager went to work there and he said that the waiter said hi to me. Does it mean he was too shy to ask me out? I spoke with some girls as well but they didn’t send me their regards. He was the only one. And I really liked him. I have another mutual friend that I’m thinking of asking to pass my message to him like ‘hi it’s Chloe from... I hope you’ve been well. It was really nice talking to you last time. Unfortunately, they didn’t send me to work with you again. So if you want to talk more, message me 037373783’ how does that sound? Is it too flirty or cab across more neutral/friendly? Is he interested in me?


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  • I would stop in, and talk some more, then give your number.

    • We aren’t allowed visitors at work and Arabic people are quite too faced so my only option is to pass my number through my trusted friend

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    • I stopped in as you advised me and got his number 🙈

    • You’re my hero ♥️♥️♥️

  • It definitely sounds like he was interested.


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