I kinda know this guy is messing with me, what should I do?

so like a while back, I was a bit tipsy and this guy that I actually really liked kissed me, but I pushed him off cause I was super shocked.

And when i asked him about it a few days after it happened, he said we should forget about it. a few weeks after that he sent me a message but i wasn’t very responsive cause i was still a bit heartbroken. we didn’t speak for a while after that, but then we played footsie (?) and he kinda played with my ponytail.

and i know i’m looking into this too deep. but anyway, now recently he’s been really like staring at me😂

and today he was walking past me, but as he was walking he stopped to like touch my hair, like sort of scratch it at the top of my head. and when i turned to look at him he just smiled but he was on his way somewhere.

but the thing is, is that we’re in the same youth group, which is where most of this happened as we don’t go to the same school. and i know i’m looking into this too much, but it’s really bothering me because should i try to talk to him or just tell him to bugger off

we’re both 16 by the way


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  • I don't understand something here. Why were you 'heartbroken' when he said you both should forget it? That's a pretty neutral statement from his end considering you pushed him off you. Stop thinking this is all about you for a minute and ask yourself why would he would be interested in you now after that happened? Did you explain to him why you reacted the way you did? What would you think of he did that to you?


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