I think this guy likes me (and I kinda like him back), but seems a little shy (i don't think he knows what to say to me), any tips for shy guys?


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  • Usally the act like they live in a shell. And inside it is him. Often they may be nervous around others, but even more when someone they fancy is around them. Try to lower his guard, make him a little more comfortable around you. This can be done by simply talk with him a little mor, engaging in comversations. Even tease him with asking him if there is someone he's got the hots for. I'll bet he'll be looking at you nervously and blush even.

    • thanks for the help! i'll try it!

  • I would just say don’t be afraid to talk to him or tease him

    • i’m wasn’t afraid to talk to him before i suspected he liked me, but now i am a little. we have teased each other a few times over the summer though...

    • Since he likes you too, he would probably be feeling the same way you are. I’m not sure if that helps :/

    • in a way, it kind of does, at least i know he’s interested!

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  • Ask him out and confess your feelings.. simple. or reach out through his social media, chat for a bit then confess.

    • how should i start a convo tho? i have no idea what to say

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    • Talk about the weather, what u ate, what u are doing, about school etc.. tell some jokes.

    • ok, ill try it. thanks for the help!

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