Does he think I’m too young to go out with?

I am 18 and just started my first year in university. This guy I am interested is in his third year (so I think he is like 20/21?). We are friends and flirt/chat quite a bit. Is he going to think I am too young to date? We get along great, I’m just curious if it might be a turn off...


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  • It's possible, but it's unlikely - unless he hangs out in bars/clubs every night that you wouldn't be able to get into. Otherwise, guys don't really care about a girl being a couple of years younger.

    • That’s in the U. S...

    • @AnonAT_ Obviously. If you're in Europe where bars/clubs aren't an issue, then, again, I don't see why a guy is going to care about her age.

  • *shrugs* that's really going to depend on him, but like others said, unlikely. don't worry about it.


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