We does my ex go to my profile to look at pictures of me several times a week, when he has a new girlfriend?

You can skip this if you want: First the technical details: You can post instagram "highlights" on your profile (your old stories, to make them stay for good). And you can see a list of people who have viewed them. If your highlight has been seen by less than 50 people (like mine), the viewers are listed in a chronological order - the one who saw it last, is in the top. I noticed that my ex was one of the first people watching my highlights (he appeared at the bottom). Then suddenly he was on top. Then I went to my second account, and watched my own story. Now I appeared on top. The next day my ex was on top AGAIN=he watched my hightlight/s AGAIN.

Start here: Basically I found out that my ex watches the same 5 pictures of me (and videoes, posing in a tight short dresses before a night out, and posing in a sportsbra and leggins and other selfies) up to 3-4 times every week!!

We broke up a year ago, after having spent 3 years together. He is 23 and I'm 22. We broke up due to distance as he wanted to move closer to his family, and he is not in a very serious relationship with another girl, that he loves. So I just don't understand why he still has the need to look at pictures/videoes of me, when he has moved on with a new girl? Can anybody explain to me why he does this?

Ps, I don't want to sound petty, but I - and especially my body - am a bit prettier than her. But that still shouldn't make him want to go to my profile and look at his ex/me several times a week if he loves her right?


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  • He has to use something as material when beating his meat

    • You really think that’s why? Lmao

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    • Hmm maybe the same, but it’s just kind og weird/wrong when he has a new girlfriend that he claims to love

    • You can't know why he has a new girlfriend. Maybe he wants to get back with you and has a girlfriend so that you'd be more interested in him (let's face it girls can be like that) and about it being wrong, well, that's just life. Nothing is perfect in life.

  • Maybe he finds it 'stimulating' or maybe he just misses you.


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