What is he thinking? Does he like me or is he desperate?

This guy and I have been constantly talking in school and texting for about 3 wks now. We're in the same friend group and I'm v close friends w his friends. We all went to high school together and hang often, but he's never been there in the past except recently, which was when he and I met. Many people think he has a crush on me. Here's the problem though: hoco game was this past fri and he asked to hu w me. Again, him, his friends and my one girl friend and I were pregaming together, so I was drunk and I promised my best friend I wouldn't leave her to hu with him. (IMPORTANT: We're freshman in college but there were high schoolers at the game, and one of them was constantly around us that night.) He asked me through this junior girl if I wld, and I told her absolutely, but not that night because of my promise. Later, they both disappeared and because of my drunkenness I thought he was just scheming me. But as we got ready to leave for food, the girl came up to me totally out of her right mind apologizing and telling me he asked her to hu but she rejected him bc she liked one of the other guys in my group, and that he told her even though they didn't hu, he wanted her to tell us they did. I was pretty annoyed, and I showed it, he got concerned and sent her to ask me if I was mad at him. Even though I was, he's not attached to me so I can't care. While we all ate together, he kept getting up and leaving, my girl friend thinking he was too embarrassed to be around me. He texted me that night asking if I got back to my dorm safely and to sleep well but I didn't answer him. the next morning he texted again asking how I was feeling and i replied with a simple ok. But curiosity got the best of me and i asked what happened w him and the girl. he said they talked but hu on the way home. I didn't know who to believe, but i dismissed it with a "yas get it". then he kept asking me if i was free to hang and i said no until i cldn't come up w an excuse. we're hanging next sat.


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  • Well he seems pretty confused himself. At a point, he seemed like he didn't want to admit it in front of you directly. Yes, he was trying to make you jealous. And I don't think they hu on the way home. Overall, he seems interested.


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