How Can I get a guy’s attention on instagram?

His best friend is my friend and he doesn’t seem very talkative or whatever (seeing as, even though his pictures have more than about 85 likes, he doesn’t get many comments) , he’s very good looking and my friends say he’s out of my league. I wouldn’t say I’m ugly but he’s older than me and really hot. What should I do to get his attention? I followed him yesterday but I’d already “known” him before that.How Can I get a guy’s attention on instagram?


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  • Sneak into this house, paint "I love you (insert name)" on his walls. And leave a trail of entrails leading to the nearest woods, have a net trap ready. Capture him and brandish him by scolding your initials in his skin. You then do the same to your skin. Take a selfie of both your brandishes and post it. Tag him in it, then wait for the "aaawwwwww" comments woth millions of like and followers to come.

    KimYe who?

    World... Ready yourself.


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  • Let your best friend to him about you!!! Or like just find excuses for you and him to be connected.. meet and hang. Your best friend’s gonna be a good wingman tbh damn

    • I guess he’ll not notice you on instagram unless he knew u.

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    • Yeah

    • I thought about liking some of his pictures but I guess that’s stalkery? Although that’s a way I see being said online a lot. His best friend and I aren’t really best friends, we just have streaks and know eachother and have hung out in groups.

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  • You're under 18 so obviously he's not going to give you any attention... for his own good

  • pm him or leave a comment on his profile


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