Why is my married colleague acting weird?

I’m confused. I am a single woman in her 30’s who has not been a relationship now for a year. A few weeks ago started a new job whereby I share an office with three other colleagues, 2 of whom are married men and one of which I find attractive but obviously know he’s off limits. He is a really polite gentleman also in his 30’s, has been married one year and always talks about his wife so I’m sure he must be pretty happy by all accounts. He’s not my boss, although is more senior than me and does not work directly with me so does not have an obvious reason to have to talk to me and generally keeps himself to himself in the office.

Even so, one day we got talking about this and that, whilst alone in the office and I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden something changed in the room. It sounds like a cliché but we looked at each other and it was like we both knew that something had changed and that something else was coming into play and I don’t mean lust or the urge to rip each others' clothes off, or anything like that. I felt weirdly comfortable with him but it was after he had expressed his surprise that I wasn’t married and had children that this deafening silence developed and we were locked in eye contact for a while, smiling and I suddenly felt incredibly happy that he was there. Weird.

Certain situations, his behavior and things he says are now making me wonder whether he likes me more than just a colleague. For example:

He asked me what I do for lunch and I replied that I generally just get a sandwich from the canteen and come back to my desk as I don’t really know anyone yet, but mentioned a couple of girls in the department have suggested lunch with me at some point. He then said that if that didn’t work out to let him know and he will have to sort something, like coming to lunch with himself and two other colleagues . I thought it was a nice gesture but felt a bit awkward and was surprised as he’s married, senior to me and doesn’t really socialize with anyone else in our small office. A week or so later one of the women invited me to lunch and I agreed. As I like married guy, let’s call him Andrew, I thought I’d ask him along as we would be in a group. However, I just asked, ‘What are you doing for lunch?’ and when he replied ‘Nothing’ expectantly, I mentioned the others and would he like to join us to which then his tone changed and he said they had asked him but didn’t answer my question. When the women came to meet me one piped up, ‘Andrew’s got a meeting’ and he said he had so couldn’t make it. Yet before, when I had asked him and before I had mentioned us all going as a group he had said he wasn’t doing anything. So one minute he didn’t have a meeting, the next he did, or was it an excuse?

Another example I’ve found is that he seems to be incredibly protective and concerned with how people treat me at work, even though he has no reason to be. Why?
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Girls thanks for your comments, would be good to get some more guy opinions though...
Why is my married colleague acting weird?
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