Question for guys about a guy friend. Why does he act like this?

So I've been distant friends with this guy and for years I've never quite figured out the reason behind why he acts the way he does.

Whenever he gets into a relationship he always claims that he's head over heels with the girl straight away and that he couldn't be anymore in love. He also comes off as extremely clingy and just plain smothering with them. Every relationship he has lasts between a few weeks to a month until the girl realises he's not her cup of tea and moves on. There was a time when even he insisted on being more than friends with me a few times which I found quite irritating and very odd.

His behaviour in general has always been a bit off too. He always talks about how happy he is all the time and posts countless pictures of himself smiling on social media. It's as if it's the only expression he can express but sometimes it definitely feels like it's fake or that he's just putting it on for show.

Now days we hardly ever talk but when we do he only asks me how I'm going when he's found a new girl to chase which is every couple months.

If anyone has any ideas as to why he may act the way he does I'd love to know because I've been trying to figure him out for years.

This question is specifically directed to guys but if any girls out there might have any ideas too, I'd love to hear them.
Question for guys about a guy friend. Why does he act like this?
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