Guys, why do teenage boys do this?

I was with my guy for 2 years, things were great and we were happy till e started school again. He got really distant and started ignoring me but still wanting sex and stuff. He would make me jealous on purpose and when I'd cry he wouldn't comfort me. I broke up with him and he told me he loved me and then when I asked him again he said he doesn't love me and what's nothing to do with me. Then he followed his ex and the girl I was scared about on Instagram. Why did he do this to me and how can I get over it. I'm trying to move on by getting a new guy but in scared as hell and I can't meet anyone new that he doesn't know because we live in the same town. What do I do. Please help me.


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  • Because he didn't love u and only wanted sex getting with someone to replace someone else us a bad idea

  • He sounds like a total cunt!

    trying to find a new guy won't help, just focus on yourself

    • It's been 2 years, I forgot how to do that, I need something to wake up for, someone to push me forward. Before I met him I was at the end of the rope and I'm back there now and I'm scared that I won't be able to handle it alone.

    • look for a friend instead of a relationship

    • Anyone that I try to be friends with are his friends. He's the popular kid in town. How am I supposed to make a friendship and get away from him

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