Do I Have a negative viewpoint on Guys? Or is this just a realistic opinion?

I think that it is easy to make most guys cheat. Many of them aren’t loyal. N they think that it’s is cool to be unloyal and to try to sleep with as much women as possible. Which is why rap is so popular, as that’s all guys that rap talk about. I feel that many/most guys are sick perverts too , many of them sexually assault babies, children, women, and other guys. Many of them even say they mentally undress random women, which is perverted as well. Stuff like this makes me question the nature of guys as a whole. I also believe that a lot of guys aren’t able to control their sexual urges/ don’t care to. Which is why so many of them assault people. I also believe that most of them think they are superior to females, because most of them are physically stronger. Which gives them the idea that they can do whatever they want to us. N that a lot/most of them do not respect women.
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  • It really depends on the people you are around I suppose.

    I've been a "home service" worker in one way or another for the last 14 years, and I've spent a LOT of time in other people's homes doing work and overhearing conversations, and depending where you are, those conversations are very, VERY different, which is a reflection of the cultural and moral differences that exist.

    If you live in an area where "trailer trash" or "ghetto" culture is the predominant culture, then what you've written is largely true. If you live in middle-class or upper-class areas, then it mostly isn't true (with fairly rare exceptions).

    The part about "mentally undressing" women is fairly universal (men do this with women they see and find attractive) - but that is THOUGHT - all of the other stuff you're talking about is BEHAVIOR, and it's largely lower-class behavior - which tends to be extremely self-centered and in-the-moment - almost completely ignoring any long-term consequences. And sadly, HipHop has embraced and even promoted this culture and lack of morals, yes - but the culture pre-dated the music.

    Still, it's less male-specific and more class-specific - women from those cultures do plenty of things that are equally vile and morally empty. You shouldn't base how you see an entire gender on the morals and behaviors of a specific and limited portion of it.

    • Why shouldn’t I base y’all when it’s so much evidence to prove it? In statistics and just real life observations? The stuff I named is definitely male specific

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    • You said "many/most" or sometimes just "guy" - but that's very much an exaggeration of the facts. The guys who would cheat is a minority (around 20% according to the results of a few studies), and the guys who abuse children/women is FAR smaller than that. And you will find the majority of them concentrated in the lower class, where good morals are rare and often ridiculed.

      I'm not saying that you shouldn't be mindful or that you shouldn't choose carefully when picking a partner, but you can avoid much of the problem simply by dating middle-class guys.

      But, do what you want to do. I've made my point. Ignore it if you choose.

    • Yk the statistics for both those things you’ve mentioned are way higher than that I don’t even have to put any links. N what do you mean middle class guys? It’s not about money, I’ve seen/heard that many rich or in the middle guys cheat as well.

  • First off this is half right. Why? Cause you dont know all the billions if guys to say this only the ones you see with your own eyes see or on the internet.
    Now im saying guys are not as you claim. Cause we are. But dont pretend for a second women dont like it or puts up with it for sake of acceptance and spontaneity. Women know this dude is player, asshole, jerk, no job, talks to a lot of women, and play games but she goes out with him anyway. Why?
    Whst is happening the nice guys see seen as wimps but reality we just want treat women with respect but are labeled as entitled or doormat.
    Why is it guys do this? There past, upbringing and personality plays a roll. And some women help shape that.

    • At least you know that y’all are. N no many women don’t put up with it nor like, which is why there are so many feminists now.

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  • Yeah it is, your lst point is because of women like you. We won't respect women who think like that about us, and most of the things you whinge about women are guilty of more. You are officially a man hating, misandric feminazi.. To be fair i hate most women because they are usually like you.

    • You guys do respect women that berate you. N y’all do respect women that think like that. As a lot of you just care about sex. And will do n say anything to get that. Right or wrong? Right. N I don’t hate guys.

    • What are you on about girl?

  • There are places where everyone tries to assault everyone else. Hometowns only to rapists, murderers, bastards and Satanists. Run away from there, my dear. You deserve a better life. Move to Centralia, PA.

  • You are basing your assessment upon anecdotal and personal experience only. It is akin to guys who claim that "All women..." or "Most women..."do whatever from an exceedingly small sample size. Other variables include the types of guys whom you see in passing and with whom you keep company. Also family members and their experiences.

    Of course I am equally biased, but in a different way. My parents and my mom's parents were married from their teens till death so I had good role models for healthy relationships.

    • I’m not basing it totally from personal experience look at the statistics.

  • Many girls cheat all the time and then divorce their husband and try to steal the money and property that the man earned and try to take his kids. That is why marriage is so bad for men, because of the crappy treatment by women for decades.
    I've known more than twice as many women that cheated than men from the people I've known in real life.
    And men are superior. Proven fact. And they have contributed way more to society and civilization than women by far. Only an uninformed fool or someone in denial of historical fact would say otherwise.

    • Many men think they are inferior, which I kind of agree with as well. Having worked for centuries like a slave while the women stayed at home is not superior or smart in anyway 🤣🤣. That was Exactly what slaves did. They Worked to bring the money right back to the master where it would be taken. Women couldn’t even work back then n when they did start working they were doing an even better job than guys. Maybe not in the physical stuff but everything else better. Tbh women basically dominate and control society. Everything is usually to benefit the woman 💯 guys pay for dinner are pressured to make the first move pressured to bring money in. I don’t even know what guys have contributed to society other than paying for our stuff. Thanks 😁

    • Women would still be living in caves with no electricity and probably eaten by wild animals if it wasn't for guys.

    • Yea you’re really flattering yourself believe that lmao

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  • i never cheated. modern rap is bullshit and a fucking disgrace. i have never sexually assaulted anyone. im in control of my urges. who told you this bullshit. you describe us as if we're all psycothic monsters. "men" who do these things dont deserve to be called men.

  • I'll pay you a million dollars if you can make me cheat on any girl I'm with or sexually assault one

  • Think about your dad/parent/guardian. Isn't he a "GUY"?

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    • You’re being ignorant. I said most or many not all. I specifically made sure not to put all as there are some good guys out there. N he is a cheater too but everything else nope.

    • That's what my point is. Saying MOST instead of many almost involves all.
      I understand that the number of such bad guys is increasing day by day but that doesn't mean that every other guy is into it.

  • It's a completely crapshot of an opinion.

  • That is sexiest to be honest because not all guys are like that,
    Yes there a lot of guys that only want to be fuck boys and same around with girls, Girls are not innocent either but that is life your going to get fucked over you going to get hurt it's something you just have to grow and learn from, you could have the wrong idea from hanging out with the wrong group of people.
    And there has been women that has sexually assault babies, children, women, and guys before just wanted to put that out there.

    • It’s not sexist, I didn’t say all guys are like that. But a lot are

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    • No and it is too easy for anyone that is a female to get a guy. Too easy.

    • ^you have a nice day as well 😁

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