Are Drunken Words Sober Thoughts?

My ex and I mutually broke up over break we were arguing a lot and just figured it be best to end it now instead of handling it over winter break. Well within the first week she started to contact me and text me. Eventually it just felt like we were back to talking like how we used to. One night she said that she liked that we can talk like this and it made her forget about all our issues. Then last night during New years eve, I got a drunken phone call from her saying "I love you baby and I miss you so much." she was insistent on me saying it back to her, I didn't though I said that she was drunk and when we got back to school we can talk about us more in person and I hung up. She sent me texts saying she missed me and she loved me after throughout the night. Today I got a call from her and we talked and I finally just said to her that I caught feelings again. Hoping to confirm that she felt the same. Only to hear back "I'm surprised but I just think we should just be good friends."

I'm confused as hell right now, I feel like an idiot cause I believed and held hope throughout this whole break that maybe things were changing. So I guess I need someone to explain to me what just happened. Did she mean what she said? And if she did why is she now turning back on her words?
Are Drunken Words Sober Thoughts?
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