Why are girls so damn rude sometimes?

like forreals, why do girls have to be SUCH bitches sometimes? like, you try to talk to them, message them, and they just stop responding, don't even care to get back to you at all. you text them, and they'll text back for a while then just leave you hanging cold and they're like oh sorry something came up. well f**king say something, don't just leave me hanging? like I don't know its just so rude, I don't do that to people, even with people I don't wanna talk to, I tell them hey I can't talk right now kinda busy not just blow them off. like...a lot of girls do this to me. and I don't know why?! I am not creepy (to my knowledge anyway..), I'm pretty funny, handsome, chill, and smart so why why why? are girls just really that much of bitches?
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i guess my only conclusion is maybe I'm not all those things I was? maybe just because I say hi and want to have a conversation with them...i am creepy?
Why are girls so damn rude sometimes?
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