Am I right in thinking this guy likes me also?

I think this guy may like me. He's my supervisor same age anyway he had to check what time people wanted to go on break. He knows my name not complicated he was walking past turned away came back asked how to say my name is it this or that he'd been saying it right all along. Often when I'm going on break he'll see me leaving be like see you when you get back , see you in a while only to me soft voice. The other day I was talking to male co worker he came over asked if he was ok. About 5 mins later talking to same co worker who came over again to help with something then he came over asked if he was ok said nothing to me. In work he was letting me know could leave he was like thank you at the but didn't say it to the other girl. I said bye to him as I was leaving just before openedthe door I turned to look at him he was looking right back at me. I've started greeting him more when I see him each day this week I said hiya he like hi there or hi whatsup I asked how he was seems noticing me making more effort as we don't get chance to talk. Managed to have lunch with him after like a month another was there I got to know him more. Where he's from , how his bro had horses I asked about his accent told him it was nice. I mentioned seeing donkey in countryside then he talking about doing the sounds it makes when anyone go near joking. Spoke more. At the end of the day he saying bye to everyone I asked if he be in the next day when he came over said he wouldn't be in for a few days. We stand close often sometimes brings his face close when he talk he's tall.
What can I do to move things along or just go slow?


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  • First of all, if he's your supervisor it might not be a good idea to get into a relationship with him depending on your workplace's rules. Most recently, the CEO of Intel was forced to step down because he was in a consensual relationship with a direct report, which was against company rules. The CEOs of Priceline and Lululemon Athletica were also forced to leave for the same reasons. If your company has a rule like that, you and this guy could both be fired if you pursue a relationship.

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      It's a more casual environment not office like but he seems intreo?

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      Well I'm not 100% sure, because I don't know how the tone of your conversations is going, but I'm reminded a bit of my friend telling me about their supervisor liking this guy, so she would give him preferential treatment and be nicer to him and other people working there noticed. What kind of accent did he have? I think it would be a little weird to comment on someone's accent, personally. I guess asking him some personal questions is a good step. Like I said, if you're really interested in him you should try and meet him outside of work, because then you have more time too. Not sure how long your lunch is but my friend in retail gets less than half an hour sometimes and they eat standing up sometimes. But about the height thing, I'm pretty tall and I do lean when talking to some girls that I'm friends with because they're much shorter and I have trouble hearing them otherwise.

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      He has Irish different than the part I'm. I didn't say like I like your accent was more like where your accent from it's not here then he said the place I was like it's nice. He seemed engaged in the conversation and then how he was doing those donkey noises when brought up seeing one and he had one not sure if he was trying to make laugh. Breaks 30 mins I've watched him with others doesn't lean on always but sometimes he's been so close like eyes to eyes almost. He's seems like a chill quiet type also

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