My boyfriend wrote a beautiful poem for a random girl, for me he wrote something that's difficult to be called a love poem... Is it a proof he's not in love?

I found out my boyfriend wrote a really beautiful poem for a girl he was seeing before me. He never wrote any about me (it's the second year we're dating), so I got jealous and started asking him to write one for me. What he wrote could be taken for a note to his mother, at best... While the poem for that girl really showed he was very passionate about her. I don't want to keep begging.

Is it normal he doesn't feel passionately in love with his girlfriend but he did about a girl who he was only seeing and who had no interest in him? Should the lack of affection be a reason good enough not to continue this relationship? I'm close to going crazily obsessed about this whole poem thing...

Girls, knowing your boyfriend wrote such a poem for such a girl, would you also be jealous and expect one fo you too?
Guys, is it a proof he's not in love with me?
Please, help.


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  • I agree with Sparda20, a forced writing is completely different than inspired writing. You cannot even begin to compare the two. You should have just waited for him to have an inspired and creative moment. Now he is going to see it as work you are going to judge.

    • Thank you, you're right. We've been together for over a year now. Do you think there's anything that I can do? Or if he doesn't feel the need to write for me, then let it go and/or let him go?

      The whole poem thing is a part of a bigger issue that causes me a huge sense of insecurity.

    • As a creative type, I can tell you a whole bunch of factors come into play. I hit long dry spells where it just isn't there. If I am forced, it isn't there. For me, some things actually encourage it, like if I am sleep deprived, I have better chances. Other people work in different ways. I would not take it personal as that sort of thing is very fragile and has to come about under certain circumstances.

      As an example, I send my girlfriend flowers Once a month or so. I always try and create a special note that contains a poem, or some creative writing about her. The problem is I have done some amazing stuff that sets the bar sort of high. So when I send flowers, sometimes I feel that pressure, so I phone it in. Or sometimes I just don't have the creative juice. I know she has noticed the decline in quality, but it is not due to her. Just my creativity.

  • The poem he wrote for you was a force action, whereas the poem he wrote for your predecessor was out of love. Of course the poem quality will differ. Additionally, he may not have wanted to write a poem for you because of his ex.

    • I understand. I was so fixated and disappointed because one day he told me he writes poems but needs a muse to do it - so I assumed it was him flirting and could expect one for me too. I know I was being stupid. Thank you for your input!

    • I don't think you're being stupid. I'd also be upset. I think that he will write you something even more beautiful in time

  • Oh, get over yourself.


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