Why he seems like he doesn't care, but me and our friends see it differently?

So I moved into a huge flat 6 months ago and I really connected with my roommates, especially one. We really got along and soon others noticed and would sometimes joke and hint, but we ignored them. One new roommate even asked us how long we have been together and was surprised we only met a few months ago and werent together for like 5 years. But we were just friends for about 3 months. Then he got a scholarship overseas for 6 months and I could not bare the idea of him going without doing something. So one night we got drunk and had sex... and then a few times after that and then he left.

Now, nobody knew about this, at least I didn't tell them and I don't think he did either. However, he does not write if I dont write to him. And I started feeling like he does not care after all, but one of his friends started telling me casually that she knew about me long ago and that he was pretty impressed by me and didn't seem like he hated the idea of me being his girlfriend, when she teased him. However, I dont know if she knows something, but I feel like she and his other friend do.

Now my question is... how do you guys think? He seems like he does not care... should I believe him? Or should I give him the benefit of a doubt and listen to what everyone else casually say about him? Why doesn't he want to talk to me, if he actually cares? He is coming home to visit in a month and i dont know how to act... help


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